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Patmos: The Sailor, Innocent Victim


As our caïque neared the coast, I was lost in contemplation of the magnificent Patmian countryside before me. The beach was bordered with old tamaris trees, forming a perfect semicircle. Behind, green fields extended to the foot of the rocky hills. A white peasant home stood at the far end of the beach. It once Read more

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Fascist Italy 4


In Morocco, where the Duke and Duchess of Guise lived during the war. Pictured is their son Henry, the future Count of Paris, and his Cousin, Amedeo, the future Duke of Aosta.   Amedeo of Savoy, the Duke of Aosta, was a committed athlete. He is pictured here in a bathing suit in front of Read more

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The Iron Mask


I’ve heard the stories about the Iron Mask ever since my adolescence. Being an admirer of historical mysteries, I set off researching the subject. I have never been convinced of the importance of this mystery, or why it is such a mystery at all. During the reign of Louis XIV, there was a prisoner in Read more

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King Louis I of Portugal, unlike the majority of his countrymen, was a blue eyed blond. He was the son of a German Prince, Ferdinand of Saxe Cobourg, who married the ruling Queen, Maria II de Gloria. Louis I wasn’t destined for the throne, but the death of his elder brother, the young King Pedro V, Read more

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Technology and the Internet

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With the introduction of the Internet in the lives of citizens, there are near infinite new possibilities, a proliferation of new perspectives. Yet there is also solitude. Systems of communication, such as social networks like Facebook and Instagram, and blogs, are manifestations of exacerbated narcissism. In the same way money is no longer real, humans too are Read more

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19th Century Royalty


Princess Isabelle of France, the future Duchess of Guise. God knows why my grandmother is wearing this crusader costume, which clearly doesn’t suit her. She does not seem very pleased with it herself.   King Carlos I of Portugal had a profound fondness for his sisters-in-law, Helen the Duchess of Aosta and Isabelle the Duchess Read more

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It is clear that with materialism prevailing and ruling, religions are collapsing, in a tailspin, particularly Christianity. The churches that I once saw full are now empty, and priest are becoming rare. At first I was inspired. I recalled the absurdities of my education, the obligatory confessions, the Sunday morning masses, and the hypocrisy of Read more

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Fascist Italy III


The Santa Chiara Church in Naples, the day after it was bombed. Helen, the old Duchess of Aosta, was called in to gather and clean up the bones of the former Kings of Naples, whose tombs had burst open during the bombing.   Umberto, the Prince of Piedmont, the second from the left, with the Read more

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The absolute reign of Big Money leads naturally to a triumphal materialism, which in turn becomes a sort of religion. Materialism is expressed by our overconsumption, which today, is almost deified. I turn on the television and see that Christmas, today, is about foie gras. A few months later I see Easter reduced to chocolates. Read more

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Fascist Italy II


The two Duchesses of Aosta, the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law, the aunt and the niece. Helen of France, the Dowager, gives a rather fascist looking salute, while her daughter-in-law, Anne of France, salutes more discretely, like her opinions.   Photograph signed by King Victor Emmanuel III. He is posing on the terrace of one of Read more

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