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19th Century Royalty

Princess Isabelle of France, the future Duchess of Guise. God knows why my grandmother is wearing this crusader costume, which clearly doesn’t suit her. She does not seem very pleased with it herself.



King Carlos I of Portugal had a profound fondness for his sisters-in-law, Helen the Duchess of Aosta and Isabelle the Duchess of Guise. These two women both respected him and loved Carlos deeply. He is pictured here in a relaxed pose. He would be assassinated in broad daylight in the streets of Lisbon.



Philippe, the Duke d’Orléans, the heir of my great-grandfather the Count of Paris, was engaged to his first cousin Marguerite d’Orléans. Eventually they called off the marriage. Before this sad turn of events, the couple was pictured with their aunt, the Infanta Eulalia of Spain, who encouraged the young couple.


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The annual House of France hunt in Scotland, during the time of their exile. In the kilt is Philippe of France, the future Duke d’Orléans, next to him is his first cousin, Jean d’Orléans, the future Duke of Guise, my grandfather. The Countess of Paris, the Infanta Isabelle of Spain, is in the black dress.



This photograph isn’t of royalty, but I couldn’t resist showing this remarkably beautiful image that I found in the same album as the preceding photographs. Who is Irini Visconti, who belongs to the same illustrious family as the famous director Luchino Visconti.


by  Prince Michael of Greece

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    Splendid photos. Loved the one of my King Carlos I de Bragança.
    Interesting the one with the Infanta Eulalia and the sign she is doing…
    Special the one of the French Royal Family in Scotland , and beautiful the one of the young Visconti, that are my relatives.
    Thank You so much for sharing these private albuns, Prince.

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