Ecosse Ghost Story - Michael of Greece


The young wife was very happy. She had a young, handsome and loving husband who was promised a fine position. They lived in one of the finest parts of London in a sunny apartment. Only one thing bothered the young woman… She was always having the same dream. She saw herself in front of a castle, clearly very old, but not huge, and surrounded by very tall trees. Why did she keep having this dream? The young woman had no idea.
One day her husband decided to take her on a driving tour of Scotland. She jumped for joy at the idea. They set off on a lovely summer’s day and drove for a long time, happy to be together, happy to be alive. They were into their third day of the vacation when suddenly, at a bend in the road, the young woman let out a startled cry. Right in front of her, at the bottom of a valley, stood the castle she had seen in her dreams, the very same in every familiar detail.

Ecosse Ghost Story - Michael of Greece
The husband stopped the car and they gazed at the building, which seemed to be in disrepair. The young woman begged her husband to take her there. They drove through an open gateway, along a drive and approached the castle. The shutters were closed and it looked abandoned. Hesitant, and unsure what to do, the young woman stared up at the castle for a long moment, then taking her courage in both hands, she knocked on the door. For a long while, there was no sound, no reaction at all. Then, heavy footsteps could be heard and the door swung open. A very old man, clearly a butler, with an off-putting appearance, asked them rather abruptly what they wanted.
The young woman was disconcerted by his rudeness and stammered as she asked him who lived in the building. “Nobody, it’s been abandoned for fifty years, the family never comes”, he replied tersely.
The young woman felt increasingly disoriented. She didn’t know what to say or do. She saw that the butler was about to close the door in their faces. Suddenly she said: “Excuse me sir, but could you tell me if the castle is haunted?”
The old butler looked at her with a piercing, menacing gaze. “You know better than anyone, seeing as you are the ghost”. And so it was revealed that the butler was the only inhabitant of the castle and that night after night, as he made his rounds, he would meet a ghost in the corridors, a phantom that was the spitting image of the young woman… It’s an extraordinary case, extremely rare, but not unique.

by  Prince Michael of Greece