Prince Michel of Greece

I was born in Rome in 1939. My father died shortly afterwards.

The Second World War soon forced my mother and I to leave. We sought refuge in Morocco at my maternal grandmother’s home, and then in Andalucia.

I was nine years old when we arrived in Paris, and that is where I went to school.

My mother died when I was 14. I was then brought up by my uncle, the Comte de Paris. I passed my baccalaureat and later graduated from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques.

When I was 20, I settled in my homeland, Greece. At first, I lived in the Royal Palace with my Greek family. I did four years of military service, in Athens and in Macedonia.

I got married in 1956 at the age of 26 to Marina, who was 24. She had already embarked on a career as an artist. I soon began writing, and so she exhibited and I published.


We have experienced a number of memorable historic events in Greece, some of which have been quite tragic.

We have two daughters: Alexandra, born in 1968, and Olga, born in 1971.

We moved to Paris and later, in 1980, we went to New York, where we lived for 13 years.

A choice had to be made: America or Europe. We chose to return to our roots. We went back to Paris, then to Athens, and later to Patmos.

Our careers continued to develop. Marina has had exhibitions in Paris, New York, Athens and elsewhere, while I have published historical novels as well as fine arts and photography books.

Our two daughters have grown up: they finished university and have married. We are now the proud grandparents of four grandsons and one granddaughter.

We have created a Foundation for the protection of abused children.

We continue to travel widely for both work and for pleasure. We divide our time between Monaco, Paris, Athens and Patmos and our energies between our family, our work and our Foundation.