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Family Portrait, VII

In 1962, General de Gaulle and his wife made an official visit to Athens. King Paul, Queen Frederica, Crown Prince Constantine, Princess Irene and myself welcomed them at the airport. This visit was unforgettable for all, beginning with myself.



A pavilion built for a charity ball in the gardens of the Orléans House outside London. The Orléans had chosen England as a place of exile on more than one occasion. Although they lived lavishly, they were also quite philanthropic. And so they had a wonderful album of photos sold to support their charity.



Clementine of Belgium, first cousin of my French grandparents, fell in love with Prince Napoleon. Her father, King Leopold II, obviously forbid such a union, a true absurdity in his eyes. So the wise Clementine waited until his death to marry her beloved. Thanks to which, the current family of the emperor Napoleon, the great adversary and rival of our family, are related to us.



The Emperor Franz Joseph, ruler of Austria-Hungary, at 80 years old, nimbly descends the special train he took to Pianoro, Italy, for the marriage between his nephew and heir, Archduke Charles, and Princess Zita of Bourbon Parme.



Archduchess Henriette of Austria became Queen of Belgium by marrying King Leopold II, who spent most of his life cheating on her. Here, she is pictured at a costume ball, evoking all the splendor of Versailles.



Helen of France, Duchess of Aoste, had a truly intrepid personality. During the early 20th century, she set out on long voyages and explorations in Africa, without hesitation, bringing back many souvenirs and a collection of photographs without equal. Standing upright, very royal, and dressed to the latest fashion, she poses on a canoe in the midst of feathered natives.

by  Prince Michael of Greece

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  1. Sandra Nomikos

    Like many others Prince Michael I love your intriguing stories.I would like to tell you my families
    ancestral story.You may or may not find it interesting We find it amazing however I do not want other people to see it If I were to write it on this site does it get published or should I write to you at the Monaco address.
    Regards to you Sandra N

    • Michel De Grèce

      It’s always a pleasure for me to read stories people want to share with me. You can write it here and I’ll make sure your comment won’t be published. Or you can also contact me via my Facebook page “Michael of Greece”.

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