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The wedding of William Leeds with Princess Xenia of Russia

Greece family portraits

My grandmother Queen Olga of Greece in exile in Italy. Immediately behind her is my father, Christopher, and next to him, his sister Maria. Behind her is her brother Andrew, father of the Duke of Edinburgh.


King Georges II of Greece and his brother, the heir to the throne Paul of Greece, visiting the Elysée Palace in Paris.

On holiday in Romania, Princess Helen of Greece, the future Queen of Romania, and Princess Victoria of Prussia, Princess of Hanover, only daughter of Emperor Wilhelm II.

Princess Helen of Greece, the future Queen of Romania, in a Macedonian costume, during the Balkan war. Her father, Prince Constantin, the future king, was the general-in-chief of the Greek forces. She was his favourite.

At the Acropolis shortly before WW2. The sisters, Princess Irene of Greece and Queen Helen of Romania, with my parents, Françoise and Christopher.

by  Prince Michael of Greece

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  1. Francisco

    Hello! Thanks for the nice pictures shared today. Is it possible to know the dates of them? At least the years. Particularly I’m interested in those showing Queen Olga and Princesses Helen and Victoria Luise. Thank you very much

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