Prince Michael was born in Rome, where his parents were then living. His father died when he was one year old. During World War Two, he and his mother lived in Spanish Morocco at the home of his maternal grandmother. From 1945 to 1948, they lived in Malaga, Spain, before moving to Paris.

Upon the death of his mother in 1953, Prince Michael went to live with the family of his uncle, the Count of Paris. He attended private schools in France, graduating with two baccalaureats. He received his university degree from the Institute of Political Science in Paris in 1960.

After his graduation, Prince Michael went to live in Athens, serving in the Greek Military for four years, in Athens and Salonika. For two of these years he lived in the Royal Palace with his relatives.

In 1965 he married Marina Karella, the daugher of a Greek industrialist. As his new wife was not of a Royal extraction, the Prince had to give up his rights to the Greek Throne. From 1965 to 1972, Prince and Princess Michael lived just outside Athens. It was during this time that Prince Michael wrote his first book, “History my sister, is there no future?” for which he received the Cazes literary award.

Princess Marina is a well-known painter and sculptor who has designed sets and costumes for the Greek theatre working under her maiden name. They lived in Paris and New York and presently they live between Paris and Greece where they established a non-profit organization with the aim to protect neglected and abused children.

Michel and Marina4

His two daughters, Alexandra and Olga, are married and he has five grandchildren.


Top image: photograph by Tina Barney