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Photos de la famille d’Autriche

Emperor Franz Joseph leaving his train.
L’empereur François Joseph descendant de son train privé.

Maria Vetsera, la fameuse bien-aimée de l’archiduc héritier Rodolphe qui mourut avec lui à Mayerling.

Archduke Rudolf with his wife, Stephanie of Belgium.
L’archiduc héritier Rodolphe avec sa femme légitime Stéphanie de Belgique.

Archduke Rudolf of Austria, who would die tragically at Mayerling.
L’archiduc héritier Rodolphe d’Autriche destiné à mourir tragiquement à Mayerling.

The Austrian imperial dynasty
La dynastie impériale autrichienne. De gauche à droite, l’empereur François-Joseph, son beau-frère l’empereur Maximilien du Mexique, puis sa belle-sœur Charlotte de Belgique impératrice du Mexique. Puis les frères de François-Joseph et de Maximilien. Assise, l’impératrice Elisabeth d’Autriche Sissi avec son fils Rodolphe, l’archiduchesse Sophie, mère de François-Joseph, et son mari qui ne comptait absolument pour rien.

par  Prince Michael of Greece

5 commentaires pour “Photos de la famille d’Autriche

  1. Sven

    Dear Prince Michael.
    As a constant reader of your highly interesting blog, I cannot help but send a serious correction of the text to the picture of the Austro-Hungarian imperial family, as the text provided is more than just wrong. The text should say:
    The Austrian imperial dynasty. From left to right: Emperor Franz Joseph, his brother Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, his sister-in-law Charlotte of Belgium, Empress of Mexico, who went mad after the murder of her husband by revolutionary forces in Mexico. Then the brothers of Franz Joseph: Ludwig Viktor, a raving homosexual and Karl Ludwig, a religious fanatic who died from drinking typhoid infested water from the river Jordan during a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He was by the way the father of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, murdered in Sarajevo in 1914. Sitting are Elisabeth of Austria, known as Sissi, with her son Rudolf, the Archduchess Sophie of Bavaria, his mother, and her husband, a man of no importance.
    I just felt like I couldn’t help send you this, well aware that you of course know these facts already. But I find the tale of the last generations of the Austro-Hungarian Habsburgs a very fascinating story. A mad family that brought the world its first world war, that changed everything that used to be.
    Thank you for your interesting blog.

  2. Eveline

    Thank you for your extremely interesting articles and fotos, history is so fascinating………

  3. Philippe PRIOL

    Je suis apparenté aux WITTELSBACH. Il descendent d’un couple de la noblesse bretonne -Roland de LEZONGAR x Amice du HAFFOND- qui sont aussi mes ancêtres. ILs demeuraient au fin fond de la Bretagne, du côté d’Audierne.

  4. Suzan

    Dear Prince Michael of Greece
    Your amazing photographs are brilliant, it is only a dream for most people to have the chance to look back on family history in pictures. So a huge thank you for allowing everyone to have the chance to see them
    Many Thanks

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