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Family Portrait, IV

Philippe, the Duke d’Orléans, and King Alphonse XIII of Spain at Wood Norton, England. The Duke d’Orléans, son of the exiled Count of Paris, like many of the House of France, had chosen England as his place of exile. He owned the sumptuous property of Wood Norton, the future site of the marriage between his…

Family Portrait, III

My mother Françoise with Amédée of Savoie, the Duke d’Aoste, her first cousin and brother-in-law. Everyone loved Amédée d’Aoste. He was tall, handsome, without airs and graces, and always of a warm manner. He was also a war hero. His mother, Helen of France was the sister of my grandmother Isabelle and, what’s more, he…

Family Portrait, II

Me and my tank, military parade of the Greek National Festival, 25 March, 1962. Shortly after finishing my studies at the University of Political Sciences in Paris, I moved to Greece; I quickly enlisted in order to complete my military service. I was in the calvary, which is to say the modern day tank regiment….