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Family Portrait : Spain

Queen Marie-Christine, widow of Ferdinand VII Marie Christine of Bourbon-Two Sicilies married her uncle, King Ferdinand VII of Spain. She was his fourth wife. King Ferdinand died shortly after, and Marie Christine found herself the Regent of her young daughter, Isabella. Civil war soon broke out; coups were orchestrated constantly. The political situation was explosive….

Spain : My Religion

In Malaga, I was thrilled and exhilarated during the Holy Week. The nightly processions of grand, flower covered thrones, shining with candlelight and carrying statues. The Virgin, with her poor, tragic face, yet covered with diamonds and jewels, and the bloodied Christ, adorned with luxurious brocades. Then there were the pointy hats and colorful dresses…


In 1944, my grandmother, our host, informed us that she no longer had enough money to support us. In reality, the war had interrupted all international financial transfers. We now had to find another refuge. Everyone left in different directions. My mother took me to Malaga, in Spain. Franco was ruling. After his victory over…