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The Absolute Power of Big Money

We have finished with Lived History, but History never ends.
History is today, tomorrow too.
History is our current situation, the one in which we live.
We must be observant in order to face it,
We must analyze it in order to confront it.
We must understand it at its core before we act.
I intend to examine it, stare into its eyes, before suggesting what to do.

It is not easy to see clearly the situation in which we live. We are overwhelmed with so much news and information which, in the end, result in only more confusion. Facts and events are thrown at us, but making sense of it all is something altogether different. They want us to be confused, to be blind. Seeing clearly is a challenge, but it is what I am attempting to do here.

Events appear increasingly incomprehensible. Some such war undertaken by one of the great powers makes no sense to me, at least at first. It is then learned that a leading politician is now handing out contracts to rebuild the invaded and destroyed country. Money is playing an important role in this conflict.

An unexpected revolution breaks out in another country. I try to find the causes without success. Then I come across a study that shows the vast oil reserves of this country. It is not a stretch to see the giants of the oil industry playing a role in the tragic events. This is only the first step.

In yet another country I frequently travel to, I find I am no longer able to purchase traditional Indian and Chinese medicines, recipes that are thousands of years old. The pharmaceutical giants have worked to block their importation. Who is in control, the government or the businesses? Who is making these decision? We always see the politicians out in front, they are the ones who decide, or so the media tells us. But is it true?


Soon I am buried beneath similar examples. I suspect that State policy is dictated by what I call Big Money. In fact, it is quite clear to me. The inexplicable events, the absurd conflicts, and the unexpected instability and crises, they all begin to make sense. Big Money has a hand in all of it.

This troubles me, as I once lived in a time when politics dominated money. “L’intendance suit” as De Gaulle repeated, meaning money must follow and obey politics. Now the situation is subverted, reversed, it is politics that follows Big Money.

A series of events throughout the last century have caused all of this, yet is it difficult to nail down how exactly the reign of Big Money came about. I personally think it is a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union. With the United States as the sole world power, there was less of a need for politics, because the geopolitical landscape was without a true political rivalry. The United States is an empire founded upon money, just like Rome was, to which it bears a striking resemblance. When I lived in the United States, I noted the existence of many parallel powers: politicians, lobbies, the CIA, and money. Which one, I wondered, held a position of primacy? History has spoken, and today we can say confidently that it is money that dominates American politics. And as American politics dominates global policy, Big Money rules the world.


by  Prince Michael of Greece

6 comments on “The Absolute Power of Big Money

  1. laurent

    I’m curious to see where this series is going to lead you too, what conclusions you will offer.
    For some, the current economic disorder that lead to this uneven share of powers results fro the Nixon decision to free the dollar from its gold equivalency. This is when the financialisation of everything started, including the economy with its production/consumption duo. Then REagan and Bill Clinton, by deregulating nearly all rules, added to the devastation.
    Capitalism was fine and still is as long as it is in human hands but as I’m sure you are aware, now robots in the form of algorithms work shares and values at such speeds that no trader can honestly claim to control the incessant coming and going of financial assets.

  2. Sandra Nom

    Isn’t it about Control which ultimately gives the Power and Wealth to a select few, I am closing in on the end of my life and there is nothing that trillions of ordinary people can do to stop anything so you keep going I worry more for my children It is a far worse world I will one day leave them in, and I thought my childhood was bad The evil and corruption that exits today is almost unbearable.
    You Prince Michael have at least an insight into what goes on and Who Why and How our World is falling apart.

  3. Ghislaine Graziani

    Yes, money rules our world. But what of religions and fanaticism?
    Thabk you for your blog: i always learn something and there is always food for thought!

  4. Dimitri Lostromos

    About the “traditional” medicine the “pharmaceuticals” are trying to suppress, does this include Tiger and Rhino parts?

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