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Marie de baviere reine de saxe.


In 1854, an epidemic erupted in Saxony that would quickly ravage the country as it had ravaged its neighbours’’. The royal family, led by Queen Maria, a princess of Bavaria, fled Dresden to seek refuge in the capital at the Castle of Pillnitz.

The Queen only agreed to leave Dresden on the condition that her husband, King Frederick Augustus, would join the family at the castle as soon as possible. Night fell, and the mood was far from cheerful.

In her salon, Queen Maria, surrounded by her ladies, tried to forget about the terrible situation. She asked one of them to read aloud, though all were distracted with thoughts of what was happening in Dresden, and the Queen was preoccupied with the idea of her husband remaining at the centre of the epidemic.

Suddenly, the lady stopped reading and seemed petrified, her eyes looking past the Queen with an expression of horror. “What is the matter, are you ill?” cried the Queen.

Straight away, the lady continued reading aloud, but with a changed voice, a trembling one. The Queen interrupted, “Well, what happened?” The lady did not want to respond. She mumbled and gave incoherent explanations.

Finally, the Queen forced her to admit the truth. While reading, she had lifted her eyes and suddenly noticed, behind the Queen, a woman entering the salon and walking towards another door. The unknown woman was dressed in full Court mourning, all in black, with a black veil over her face and holding a mourning fan. “My God,” cried the Queen, “It is the Black Lady that you have seen. “It is for me that she has come.”

Indeed, in the royal family of Saxony, this infamous ghost always announced the death of a member of the dynasty. The Queen spent hours uncontrollably agitated and terrorized, her ladies unable to calm her.

She finally retired to bed but could not fall asleep. In the morning, news came from Dresden. King Frederick Augustus had died that night. The Black Lady had not come for the Queen, but for him.

Extract from the memoirs of Mrs Hugh Fraser “A Diplomat’s Wife in Many Lands.”

by  Prince Michael of Greece


  1. Evangelos Kyrialanis

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    Θα ηθελα πολύ να Σας γνωρίσω απο κοντά , γιατί γνωρίζω οτι εισαστε εγγονός του Μακαριστού Εθνομάρτυρα Βασιλέως Γεωργίου Α’ των Ελλήνων ,, που τον αγαπώ πάρα πολυ ! Ευχομαι ο Θεός να Σας ευλογεί πάντοντε!

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  2. Robin woodhead

    Dear Michel,

    What a delight to find this glorious piece of writing. And the very good photographs too. It is that quiet time of the day before the world really awakes, when thoughts assemble easily and without interruption. So I steal into your website out of the early morning silence of my mind, with only the occasional and oddly autumnal sound of birds reminding me of the day ahead . A real pleasure of unfolding curiosity and satisfaction.

    So thank you for bringing this personal Journey through life into our own experience in such an engaging and of course expectedly elegant style. My bags are packed already, and I am on my way……..

    Yours ever, Robin

  3. Christabel

    What an absolute pleasure your website is Michel! I have no idea how you have time to do this and am so delighted to be able to share all this with you. It is wonderful and makes me want to return to Greece immediately. Bravo! All love from Christabel xxx

  4. Daphne

    Dear Michel. Thank you for a wonderful journey into unknown Greece. I have always said that Greece is not all ‘μαύρη πέτρα και ξερό χορτάρι’. You have discovered Arcadia. I will be moving on now to your other journeys of discovery. Love Daphne

  5. Apostolos Tsakpinis

    Michel de Grece is one of my favourite authors! Always breathtaking wellwritten, sometimes even with lots of humour, articles, books, posts, about old times, royals, ghosts, memories, history persons-sometimes relatives at the same time! Pls accept my congratulations YRH!

  6. Laurent

    This is indeed a great story, so much more since it was told long before the actual craze provided by films, TV serials and so on.
    What I truly enjoy too, is that it is told in this website, the owner of which I know has a great connexion with places and their past.
    Anyway, let me say I really enjoy this site.

  7. george levidis

    Since I absolutely believe in life after death and having had some personal experience of the same kind, I can fully understand and accept what you experienced!!!

  8. dorothea

    First of all thank you, Monseigneur, for showing us these rare photos.
    I had never seen any picture of Count Bruno d’Harcourt before. The Family of the Duc de Guise was just beautiful.
    As for the Negus, he had the most wonderful eyes I have ever seen.

  9. Gérard Caule

    Un site magnifique, d’une grande élégance, avec des photos inconnues pour voyager dans l’histoire du XXe siècle et la Grèce d’aujourd’hui.

  10. Gudrun Herrmann

    Very nice, I am very interested in history, so you are also a cousin to Prince Philipp of Edingburgh, because his sister, the Markgräfin von Baden, was living in Baden-Baden, when he was a young man, he was in my hometown which is Gaggenau. I once had a photo of his stay, but I have lost it. So, Quenn Olga (Konstantinovna) was your grandmother. Her sister Vera von Württemberg was living in Stuttgart and there was a very nice exhibition lately in Stuttgart.
    Efachisto and my regards, Gudrun Herrmann

  11. Corentine

    Merci Monseigneur de nous permettre de voir ces magnifiques photos, La princesse Françoise de France est magnifique et j’apprécie beaucoup la photo de la Famille de France de 1925

  12. Patrick Isambert

    Bravo pour votre publication Monseigneur. Nous pouvons ainsi partager (un peu) de vos souvenirs en particulier sur les Famille de France et de Grèce qui, par vous sont intimement liées.

  13. Hand Veit Toerring

    I love your short and precise travel reports! Very good texts and fabulous photos!’
    Can’t wait for more!


    l Loved it. And furthermore, I learned a few things which is always nice. Great reading on such a grey day. Thank you so much. VM

  15. Carol May

    Oh Michel, These photo are spectacular as is the writing. I love reading the history in combination with the personal stories. It’s a delight.

    Your travelogue is a gift. Thank you.

  16. Nikolaos Logothetis

    Your Highness
    The Stories and these wonderful historic pictures are very enlightening and a glimpse in a bygone era please continue posting more.I am a fan of your work and i would like to ask you when are you going to write about later life in Greece when you returned at the age of 18 if am not mistaken in 1960.Since i consider my self a part time historian i would love to read your views of that period, you being a member of the Greek Royal Family, and a first hand witness of that period. Please keep up the great writing, it would be my sincere honor and pleasure to meet Your Royal Highness one day maybe in Athens.

    Sincerely yours, Nikolaos Logothetis
    432 Larkspur Dr
    Joppa MD,21085

  17. Robin woodhead

    And so, as a result of personal determination, the entire world was plunged into war, and the lives of nearly everyone changed forever. Imagine that. One personal intention, one single emotional act one feeling of the heart. And look at the outcome…..

    Bravo, more writing please. And in the meantime Happy Christmas to you and to Marina, Christian and Robn

  18. Ghislaine Graziani

    Cette histoire est si touchante, et terrifiante dans ses conséquences…

    Benno et moi avons aussi beaucoup aimé le si joli et étonnant “voyage en Turquie”!

    Michel et Marina Joyeux Noel et Bonne Année

    Benno et Ghislaine.

  19. elizabeth karageorgevic

    thank you cher Oncle for sharing these treasured moments… so personal and so delightful….xoxox e

  20. Ludmila Habsburg

    Dearest Michel ,
    Thank you for giving me such pleasure with your wonderful pictures and stories of ancient Greece !
    I already Look forward to your next story !

    • brooks adams

      Dear Michel,

      Lisa and I are having so much fun with your wedsite from the vantage of snowy New York.

      Dear Michel:

      Thank you so much for these wonderful stories and pictures. They are livening up a “snow day” in New York.

      Happy 2015!

  21. Ludmila Habsburg

    Sophie Chotek was a very much loved first Cousin to my grandfather Franz Kinsky , who was one of the few who attended her Wedding with the Achduke !
    I love Ella and Johannes Hohenberg !!

  22. Bill Katz

    Dear, dear Michael – It was wonderful to see all these photographs and wonderful to read the captions. A veritable forest of humans and their connections and interconnections. I miss seeing all of you and look forward to seeing you sometime soon – would you be in Paris at the end of January when I think I might be coming again? Love to you and happy happy new year from Bill

  23. marie beltrami

    L’élégance c’est la lumière qui rayonne autour d’une personne, une aisance, une légèreté
    En un mot l’élégance ne se résume pas à de la mode et à des vêtements c’est un état d’esprit un lien entre le corps et ce qu’on porte qui révèle la personnalité : c’est ta maman…
    je fais toujours suivre …

  24. Bob McCabe

    Dear Michel
    I enjoyed very much your Santorini essay. Marinatos was a friend and his daughter is today. When Marinatos started digging he was overwhelmed with the 45 feet of ash covering the ruins. At the time I was very close to the head of the Caterpillar company. I offered to try to get them earthmoving equipment as a gift. Marinatos was horrified. “We archaeologists don’t use bulldozers.” But of course in the end he realized it was the only practical solution. Today I understand geologists believe that Santorini displaced 3-5 times more material than Krakatoa — anyway it appears to have been a lot bigger than Krakatoa.
    All the best to Marina

  25. ( Clément-Bollée ) Boudé

    Merci infiniment Monseigneur pour ces émouvants souvenirs , si exceptionnels !
    Je suis une de vos “fans” , appréciant toujours votre sensibilité , votre objectivité , votre sérieux en tant qu’Historien , votre talent d’Ecrivain !
    Merci de partager ainsi votre prestigieux passé et celui de votre famille !
    Bien respectueusement !
    Brigitte Boudé

  26. Catherine KILLY PHILIP

    Merci infiniment pour votre blog que je viens de découvrir grâce à “Point de Vue”.
    Votre famille, très étendue, ,m’intéresse au plus haut point, étant présente dans toute l’Europe,
    jusqu’en Russie, et les photos que vous joignez à vos récits, pour moi, sont inédites.
    J’ai lu tous vos livres et en suis une inconditionnelle.

    Merci pour le temps agréable et instructif que vous me faites passer.

    Veuillez agréer; Monseigneur, l’expression de ma vive et respectueuse admiration, ainsi que de mes sentiments les plus distingués.

    Catherine KILLY PHILIP

  27. marie beltrami

    quelle beauté ces paysages, c magnifique je suis heureuse de voyager avec toi , j’espère en faire voyager d’autres …

  28. brooks adams

    Dear Michel:

    Lisa and I are so much enjoying your site on a cold snow day in New York! We went to Gythion last summer and loved it. Happy 2015!

    • Tassos Kriekoukis

      Dear Michel,
      Very nice pictures and comments of a wonderful, beloved small continent. Have you ever been in the Peloponnesus ‘s ancient Orhomenos? It’s what the German call a “Geheimtipp “.
      Happy 2015!





  30. Helena Tchkotoua

    Dear Prince Michael, I wish to congratulate you for your very interesting and inspirational website !
    Your selection of photos specially caught my eye.
    I have read many of your writings over the years and have always enjoyed your style and delivery.
    So I love to be able to read your recent posts !
    Amazingly I used to know members of the Melli Lupi di Soragna family ages ago and I always found their ghost ” Cassandra ” fascinating : explained by you, this chapter of their history is even more
    gripping ! Looking forward to your additions …

  31. Lois de menil

    Dear Michel, You are such a gifted storytweller! This is a charming story. I want to know what hapened next?

  32. Ghislaine Graziani

    Magnifique voyage! Nous rentrons de Marrakech, et j’ai ete voir la maderessa Ben Youssef, tellement belle!

  33. Megakles Rogakos

    Niki de Saint Phalle’s « Un rêve plus long que la nuit » of 1975 is not just a film. With its enigmatic allusioons, it is a life-changing experience!

  34. Julian Kerrell-Vaughan

    Your Royal Highness,
    The “rubbed out” eyes of the angel are quite a common sight in Cyprus, and no pun was intended. The eyes of the great Pantocrator of the Encleistra of Ayios Neophytos Monastery near Paphos have suffered the same fate. In the past, Orthodox believers, considering the icon to be sacred would take pigment from the eyes and mix it into a paste for those who were going blind. I am sure it no longer happens. Of course, in the Turkish taken part of the island, icons and frescoes have either been destroyed wantonly or else stolen and passed to auction houses. An irreparable loss to which most of the international community turned a politic blind eye.

  35. Helena Tchkotoua

    What an interesting and beautiful story.
    So sad for the human discovery world that dear Professor Klaus Schmidt passed away without
    finishing his work… Who will have his immense personnality and dedication to Göbekli Tepe ??
    Please keep us posted !

  36. marie beltrami

    ca y est, j’ai repris la lecture de tes histoires, ça me manquait j’adore ça m’emmène dans une autre vie…

  37. Qais

    Could you post something about your cousin, Princess Helen of Greece and Denmark, Queen Mother of Romania; She and her sisters were the most beautiful of Greek a Princesses of the generation and also had tough lives however very interesting.

    • Michael Of Greece

      You are absolutely right! I will let you know if I post about Princess Helen in one of my Family Portraits. Thank you for your interest.

  38. Arturo Beeche

    Behind Tsar Nicholas II are two of his uncles, Alexei Alexandrovich and Sergei Alexandrovich, as well as his brother-in-law, Prince Louis of Battenberg, later First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy.

  39. Arturo Beeche

    Of course…an act of tyranny, but the Orléans were far smarter!

    As you know, but your readers may not, the Orléans (with the assistance of many of their supporters, as well as several French banking houses) organized a series of fake sales to avoid Napoleon III from completely bankrupting them.

    That was an incredibly clever move that guaranteed the Orléans not only a life of ease in exile, but also access to financial means necessary to continue their political maneuvers from exile!

  40. Michelle Langlois

    Thanks for the blog. I find it exquisite to read about the Royal Families history and their magnificent lives. Eventhough I am from America, I love Europe’s history. After all, our ancestors came from the Old World.
    Merry Christmas!

    • marie-caroline blomme

      J’ ai beaucoup apprécié votre site ainsi que bien évidement vos romans. Votre ouvrage concernant les joyaux des tsars est une pure merveille.Etant particulièrement intéressée par l’histoire russe et
      l’abdication du Tsar Nicolas 2 pour laquelle je me pose beaucoup d questions.Pensez vous que vous pourriez m’éclairer? Dans tout ce que j’ai lu à ce sujet,je ne m’explique pas la rapidité de cet acte ni pourquoi il y a eu un deuxième télégramme non envoyé qui déclarait SAI le Tsarévitch Alexis empereur.D’autre part sachant la très malheureuse situation du Tsarévich pourquoi n’y a t’ il pas eu d’abrogation de la loi salique avant ces douloureux évènements? Veuillez agréer,monseigneur mes sincères salutations

  41. Philippe de Saint André

    Merci pour ces belles images qui me donnent le premier aperçu de l’intérieur de ce beau château ayant appartenu aux Saint Leger, mes ancêtres irlandais. Le capitaine Montgomery est il toujours joignable ? J’aimerai aussi beaucoup le visiter.

    • Michel de Grèce

      Je suis sincèrement ravi que vous ayez pu apercevoir le château de vos ancêtres. Malheureusement, je n’ai pas idée de si le capitaine Montgomery est encore joignable.

  42. Tatiana Bakogianni

    Μου αρεσε η ευγένεια και η ηρεμη απόσταση που κρατούσε η Μαρίνα τότε που ολοι είχαν εκπλαγεί με την σχέση σας. Και τώρα μου αρέσει που εκτίθεσθε σε μια εποχή που μόνο για Πρίγκιπες δεν είναι.Επίσης βρίσκω ενδιαφέρων την εποχή που περιγράφετε και κάποιες από τις ιδέες σας.

  43. marie beltrami

    je suis toujours fan de toi et de tes histoires…j’ai eu un long moment sans regarder tes chroniques en fait , ça me manquait
    j’ai rencontre un jeune homme qui m’a dit avoir lu un livre dans sa vie : c’était un livre de toi… il a adoré

  44. marie beltrami

    ça m’a manqué de ne pas regarder ton site c’est les seuls moment ou on s’évade dans tes histoire avec
    une sorte de paix…
    je t’embrasse
    je fais suivre au garçon qui a lu un seul livre dans sa vie …un des tiens….

  45. Afrodite Delagrammatika Pangalou

    I love your way of writing stories , here , as in your books , its a fascinating one .

  46. Antigone Broussali

    Πόσο λίγο ξέρουν οι έλληνες την ιστορία της Βασιλικής Οικογένειας…..
    Χαίρομαι ιδιαίτερα για όλα αυτά που εξιστορείτε και μ αρέσουν ιδιαίτερα οι έρευνές σας σχετικά με τα μέρη που έχουν φαντάσματα
    Οταν ζούσα στη Γαλλία, έχω πάρει όλα τα βιβλία σας

    Αντιγόνη Μπρούσαλη

  47. Leonardo Lacerda

    Beautiful story, Prince Michael. All my respect to the garbage man of Patmos and his donkey, both incogniti. A humane burial, more than just a Christian burial, perhaps A culture that had Antigone fight for the right of burying her brother Polynices perpetuates a sense of justice and humanity for whatever later religious shape or form the respect for the dead takes. Quite moving, and thanks for sharing. Nice read at 5am after a sleepless night, jetlagged in New York 🙂 The Greek respect for the dead is a nice contrast to lack of respect for the living, in NY. One arrives at the hotel, and before any sign of politeness, not even a little effort to call the client by his or her name, the receptionist says ” your credit card and a piece of identity”. Implying: All I care is your money and the certainty I will get it… Something to think about…

  48. Alexandra of Greece

    Bravo Papa, well said!
    Est ce que tu voudrais envoyer cet article de ton blogue a Roberto, le gentil mari d’Allegra, comme il a une fondation qui justement soutient des gens et des oeuvres comme Pepe Marmor a Naples?
    Et puis tu pourais envoyer l’article a Pepe Marmot lui meme, je pense qu’il sera particulierement touche.
    Merci de me dire si tu as reçu ce commentaire svp.

  49. Alexandra of Greece

    Tres sympa, tres beau…j’aurais peu etre mis quelques autres humains dans l’histoire? Et justement un tout petit peu d’histoire du site? Peu être faire un commentaire sur le present du site?
    Bravo pour l’anglais qui est parfait.
    Et tu reçois ce text la aussi?

    • Michel De Grèce

      Il n’y a plus de problème par rapport aux commentaires, ils sont seulement contrôlés donc n’apparaissent pas tout de suite. Merci beaucoup pour tes remarques et conseils!

  50. Evelyn de Pioger

    Merci cher Michel de nous faire partager ces merveilleuses histoires passionnantes .
    Vous racontez si bien !!! On ne se lasse pas de vous lire .c’est un enchantement à chaque fois.

    Je vous embrasee.

  51. Leonardo Lacerda

    Ben Jelloun a écrit un beau livre sur cet endroit étonnant. Mais la générosité de Peppe Marmo et son dévouement sont encore plus touchants!

  52. J. Délia Bremond

    Un conte sans fantôme mais avec un homme-fée qui redonne vie à un lieu endormi.
    Merci, cher Michel, pour cette belle histoire vraie

    PS. Deux de mes amis normands (respectivement professseure à l’Université de Caen, et traducteur) voudraient recevoir votre blog. Comment les inscrire? Je ne trouve pas de case prévue à cet effet sur votre site.
    Leurs noms: Philippe et Danièle Delamare

  53. Sergio Marchisio

    I found your analysis on UK’s attitude towards other monarchies during and after Second World War most interesting. I could join several facts concerning the fall of the Italian monarchy. I always enjoy reading you on books or on other means like this blog. Congratulations.

  54. Ralph Toledano

    Cher Michel,
    Je n’ai jamais visité l’Albergo dei Poveri, lors de mes nombreux séjours à Naples. Je pensais que sa dégradation l’avait fermé au public. Cette entreprise humanitaire comportait une “succursale” à Palerme que j’ai vue il y a un mois.
    J’aime beaucoup le personnage de Charles III. Il est un exemple pour tous les gouvernants de la terre: au service, en service. Le privilège et la position ne se conçoivent pas autrement.
    Je vous emmènerai voir un tableau d’Antonio Joli, place du Palais Bourbon où l’Albergo figure.
    Avec mon amitié,
    Ralph Toledano

  55. marie-caroline blomme

    Veuillez me permettre de vous dire combien vos “histoires”sont agréables à lire.C’est une excellente initiative,tellement interessante.Votre livre mémoires insolites a fait le délice de mes vacances ! concernant les fantômes,je souhaiterais savoir si il existent en Russie,plus particulièrement dans les palais ayant été habité par la famille Romanov.Pensez vous écrire sur les sujets FIodor Kouzmich ainsi que la fameuse lettre de Vassily Vassiliev ,le mage Abel?
    Vous remerciant pour pour les beaux moments de lecture,je vous prie d’agréer mes salutations

  56. Kristen

    I want to to thank you for this very good read!! I absolutely enjoyed every bit
    of it. I have got you book-marked to look at new things you

  57. Helen HABSBURG

    Michel ,how wonderful to get these photos.
    On the family photo of GD Constantine who is his son Nicholas who was sent to Taschkent?
    Love Helen

  58. Paul R. Penman

    I think Prince Bernhart of the Netherland came out of WWII very well and added to the prestige of the Dutch monarchy. A very interesting blog.


      Quelle belle histoire. Un peu triste,mais tellement bien écrite . On vous suit comme narrateur et on la vit avec Vous, Monseigneur.J’ai connu ici à Lisbonne, le Roi Humberto di Savoya , un bel et charmant homme …Très jeune fille , j’étais très heureuse de l’avoir connu. Fascinant l’épisode du Pape Pio XII et toute la pompe et circonstance du Vatican de l’époque. Merci de partager.

  59. Alexandra of Greece

    Papa, this was a beautiful story and I also found it very touching – thank you!
    your devoted eldest daughter

  60. Axel

    In Danish this is known as forbrand (pre-fire) and will be spotted a week or a year before a devastating blaze, down to the hour of the spread of flames.

  61. Johanne

    Your Royal Highness,

    Thank you for sharing these fascinating moments and facts of your life.

    All of the photos are truly remarkable! Of all, I must say, I am mesmerized by the photo of your Grandmother. She looks so regal. It is no wonder the crowd called out to her. I also cannot help but notice the graceful way the ladies all seem to be walking.

    Best wishes from Canada.

    • Michel De Grèce

      Thank you for your interest and nice words. I am truly fascinated by all these pictures, and I like to share my personal collection.

  62. Kathe

    So sorry you had to live through that horrific time but so glad you survived. Bless you & your gift for words & your coresgeous spirit 💕❤️💕

  63. Raymond Colyott

    Michel de Grèce sounds like a perfect “nom de plume” for a writer, but in your case it is your real name. How come?

  64. Arturo Beeche

    And how said it is to witness that same beacon of freedom and liberty fall under the spell of a racist demagogue like Mr Trump.

  65. Ahmad

    Such good memories of us all together at the Baron Hotel. One of my favorite trips ever , and heartbroken at what has become of it

  66. charles-antoine van campenhout


    Dictators existed for a reason. They knew, unfortunately, their people would massacre each other without a central force to prevent this and enforce their position. .
    Then came the righteous Americans, who threw out Saddam, not a good person, by all count but then came ISIS. Far worse.
    Graham Green, in his novel “The Quiet American” described it best.
    L’enfer est pavé de bonnes intentions.
    Nous voilà mieux.

  67. Jacqueline Délia Brémond

    Great reading! I Just loved MacMillan’s remark about Makarios, and the Ravensbruck’s story , perfect with a surprising and excellent fall.
    Thank you for sharing with us your so personal storytelling on History.


    Incredibly authentic, subtle as always, I really admire your approach to events … Thank you for sharing memories and thoughts with us!

  69. Isabella Bernardini

    Ευχαριστούμε πολύ για τα άκρως ενδιαφέροντα που γράφετε.

  70. marie-caroline blomme

    Splendide histoire,quel destin! il m’étonnerait fort que “les brit’s”rendent cette pierre,et si oui,comment la partager entre l’Inde et le Pakistan? sait t on ou cette pierre a été taillée?La De Beers,je suppose.Quel plaisir de lire vos histoires !

    • Michel De Grèce

      J’ignore exactement où la pierre a été taillée, j’en suis désolé. Merci beaucoup, je suis ravi que mes histoires vous plaisent.

  71. marie-caroline blomme

    bonjour Monseigneur,
    Vous donnez une très belle explication du métier de roi,j’aime beaucoup les mots de “thankless nature job”cela me parait tellement exact.Encore une fois, merci pour le très instructif article sur le fabuleux destin do kho i nor n’est pas passé
    Sinecures salutations
    Marie Caroline Blomme

  72. Παπαβασιλείου Μιχάλης

    if you are Michael, Prince of Greece you must have you site, also in greek language.
    If you feel pround to be Greek.
    Μιχάλης Παπαβασιλείου από τη Ρόδο.

  73. robert minassian

    good read Your Highness. in all walks of life, men at the very top are always lonely and reserved… part of the job; forced/have to be. sincere regards, r.m..

  74. Erisadesu

    the true name of our country is Hellenic Republic…so you can’t be a prince of Greece since we are a republic, your family was given a fake throne and you were imported from Denmark or wherever….the only true ancetor of the byzantium empire was Otto and even him wouldnt’ hav

    • Michel De Grèce

      Thank you for your encouraging and polite comment, and above all so deeply historically accurate.

  75. Annamaria Keller

    Une histoire extraordinaire qui a été magnifiquement rendue par la piece de théatre écrite par Ronald Millar – je ne sais pas si elle est toujours jouée… Merci pour nous avoir rappelé cette histoire, ca me donne envie de la relire a nouveau !

  76. Pedro Miguel de Barros Viegas


    Thank you for this website – it’s a wonderful source of information and historical photos.

    Can you tell us what occasions are the one in which you a pictured with King Pavlos, King Mihai of Romania and then Crown Prince Konstantinos as well as in the one you are receiving what looks to be a baton from King Pavlos?

    Thank you again.

    Best regards,

    • Michel De Grèce

      This photograph was taken during the Orthodox Holy Saturday Liturgy, sometime between 1960-65. We were on a platform outside the Cathedral of Athens. The second photograph pictured the presentation of my Officer’s Sword, at the Athenian Royal Palace, in 1962. Thank you very much for your interest.

  77. Matthias Samyn

    Votre Altesse Royale,
    Quels sont les ordres dynastiques qu’arborent Monseigneur et Madame les ducs de Guise, et Monseigneur le comte de Paris ? On dit souvent que le comte de Paris n’arborait jamais d’ordres dynastiques étrangers afin de ne pas avoir à attribuer l’ordre du Saint-Esprit dont Il était Grand-Maître, car seul un Roi sacré et en fonction pouvait attribuer cette médaille, est-ce vrai et avez-vous quelques anecdotes à ce sujet ?

  78. Mahira Afridi

    Thank you for bringing these exquisite images to life! As a resident of Istanbul, I appreciated reading your stories about these beautiful and enigmatic mosaics.

      • Daphne Economou

        Wonderful story. Particularly the ghost-train. I will send it to Daniel day-Lewis who is still not free of Abraham Lincoln. Thank you. Love Daphne

  79. Ghislaine Graziani

    Merci pour cette histoire passionnante, on comprend que la reine s’évanouisse en voyant Abraham Lincoln! Ma grand mère disait que les fantômes sont des âmes en peine et qu’il faut prier pour elles…

  80. Alexandra Nom

    Prince Michael
    I know nothing of your life but it makes me so angry that everything you ever had as family was pilfered, How can this happen The Greek Royal Family and probably many more Royals throughout the world of which you are part of are exactly the same.
    The atrocities of looting and murdering are so outrageous. Who are the demons that do it?
    It staggers me the evil in the world.

  81. Vibeke Valentin

    Always a great pleasure to read your blog. History in a family context. Interesting, inspiring, and moving. Thank you.

  82. marie-caroline blomme

    Très intéressant,je suis passionnée par l ‘histoire et particulièrement par la chute de l’empire,n’ayant jamais compris pourquoi il y eu si peu de soutien en faveur de Nicolas2,d’accord ses initiatives ou le manque de celles ci n’ont pas été des plus heureuses mais quand même….J’ai lu énormément de mémoires,témoignages et biographies à ce sujet et cela m’étonne toujours.La nature humaine est décidément bien influençable..je n’arrive pas à éclaircir les positions de Rodzianko ,les témoignages
    de la noblesse sont entièrement contre lui (comtesse Kleinmichel,Princesse Paley etc..) et l’opinion des biographes et de ses mémoires personnelles qui sont totalement différentes quand à sa loyauté envers Nicolas 2.L’autre personnage qui m’intrigue très fort est le général Alexeiev,a t il vraiment transmis les télégrammes de Rodzianko à l’Empereur juste avant l’abdication ? D’autre part quel fut le role exact de Voiekov il me semble que dans son témoignage à la commission d’enquête extraordinaire,il me semble qu’il se donne le beau rôle…Concernant Nicolas 2 est il possible d’être a ce point faible ..il me semble que là nous atteignons des sommets et pourtant dans le mémoires de Mossolov , de Nicolas de Basily qui étaient pourtant bien placés l’on se voit presque forcé d’y croire. Quand aux lettres de Marie reine de Roumanie elles y décrivent une option de L’Impératrice effrayantes,tout cela confirmé dans les mémoires de l’aumônier général des armées,le père Chavelsky qui je suppose est crédible.Pauvre Russie
    bribe par Kerensky aux bolcheviks…Je pense que vous en savez certainement plus sur ces évements et je serais, si je puis me permettre ,ravie de vous rencontrer,cela peut vous paraitre présomptueux de ma part,mais sait t’on jamais..Avec tout mes remerciement pour le plaisir que vous nous offrez par la lecture de vos ouvrages je vous salue bien sincèrement.Marie Caroline Blomme

    • Michel De Grèce

      Je vous remercie pour votre message et toutes ces informations passionnantes, vous en savez bien plus que moi.

    • Alan Korutos-Chatham de Bolivar

      It is indeed absurd that the cradle of the ‘Rus would like to part and equally absurd that many think it’s right. Thanks for putting these facts in their historical accuracy.

  83. Michel Lanneau

    La propriété appartenait aux princes de Patarna qui avaient confié aux Rotschild de Naples la vente de leur domaine (350 ha), acquis en 1852 par le duc d’Aumale.

  84. Lecamus eric

    Cher Prince Michel de Grèce.. Toujours aussi réjouissantes vos chroniques que je lis comme les contes d’autrefois avec gourmandise.. Merci…

  85. Pascal HERVE

    Christ est ressuscité !

    Monseigneur ,

    Permettez moi de vous remercier très chaleureusement d’avoir pris l’initiative de créer ce site et de nous faire partager vos souvenirs , vos voyages , vos réflexions .
    Toutes ces anecdotes , magnifiquement racontées , sont d’un grand intérêt pour moi qui croit que l’Histoire est faite aussi et peut être surtout par des hommes et des femmes exceptionnels , elles sont aussi un grand dépaysement dans un monde qui semble s’enfoncer dans la médiocrité .
    Veuillez agréer , Monseigneur , l’hommage de mon profond respect .

  86. Alan Korutos-Chatham de Bolivar

    A most interesting story, who indeed would have imagined the future of that boy a harsh defender of private propeerty become what we know of how he turned up. There is not only a story in that but History .
    Many thanks for sharing,
    With warmest regards
    Alan K-Ch

  87. Jean-Luc Dousset

    Le nom de Metternich reste associé pour toujours aux Habsbourg. Le prince de Metternich a joué un rôle majeur dans la succession de l’empereur François!
    Vient de paraitre une biographie consacrée à Ferdinand d’Autriche (1793-1875) qui fut empereur de 1835 à 1848, date de son abdication et de la montée sur le trône de son neveu François Joseph. Fils de l’empereur François II et de la princesse Marie Thérèse de Bourbon-Deux-Siciles, Ferdinand d’Autriche subit les conséquences génétiques des mariages au sein de la famille Habsbourg.

    : « Vienne, 1793, le palais de la Hofburg, la naissance de l’héritier de l’Empire austro-hongrois. En principe… Ferdinand a de l’eau dans la tête, il est rachitique, il souffre d’épilepsie, il est un peu attardé… La consanguinité ! Survivra-t-il suffisamment de temps pour accéder au trône des Habsbourg-Lorraine.

    Monter ou descendre un escalier, se servir d’une carafe, signer de son nom… Autant d’épreuves ! Durant des mois, sa laideur doit rivaliser avec la beauté de l’Aiglon.

    Son père Sa Majesté François hésite. Lui succédera-t-il ? Le Prince de Metternich veut sa marionnette ! Avec Ferdinand, il la tient… Il le forme, le modèle, le marie à la princesse Marie-Anne de Sardaigne. Nuit de noces mouvementée !

    Ferdinand s’intéresse peu aux choses de la politique. Ses seules passions : le jardinage, les sciences… On le prend pour un débile !

    Le peuple l’aime. Il le surnomme Ferdinand le Bon. Le peuple le méprise. Il l’appelle du sobriquet de Ferdinand le Fini…

    La période est troublée. Le puzzle de l’Empire austro-hongrois menace de se disloquer. La femme de son frère, l’archiduchesse Sophie avide de pouvoir manœuvre pour que la couronne des Habsbourg revienne à son fils François-Joseph, qui deviendra l’époux de Sissi ! Vous croyez tout connaître des Habsbourg ? »

    « Ferdinand le débile », Jean-Luc Dousset, Editions Jeanne d’Arc, 2016, 298 p 17 euros


  88. laurent

    I’m curious to see where this series is going to lead you too, what conclusions you will offer.
    For some, the current economic disorder that lead to this uneven share of powers results fro the Nixon decision to free the dollar from its gold equivalency. This is when the financialisation of everything started, including the economy with its production/consumption duo. Then REagan and Bill Clinton, by deregulating nearly all rules, added to the devastation.
    Capitalism was fine and still is as long as it is in human hands but as I’m sure you are aware, now robots in the form of algorithms work shares and values at such speeds that no trader can honestly claim to control the incessant coming and going of financial assets.

  89. Sandra Nom

    Isn’t it about Control which ultimately gives the Power and Wealth to a select few, I am closing in on the end of my life and there is nothing that trillions of ordinary people can do to stop anything so you keep going I worry more for my children It is a far worse world I will one day leave them in, and I thought my childhood was bad The evil and corruption that exits today is almost unbearable.
    You Prince Michael have at least an insight into what goes on and Who Why and How our World is falling apart.

  90. Ghislaine Graziani

    Yes, money rules our world. But what of religions and fanaticism?
    Thabk you for your blog: i always learn something and there is always food for thought!

  91. GASTON

    As Prince Christopher explained, “That was her story, and, fantastic as it was, there were many who believed then ? and still believe ? in her, among them one or two members of the Imperial Family.”

  92. André Santos

    Príncipe Michael, que anedota deliciosa! Gosto muito das postagens de Vossa Alteza Real. Parabéns pelo site!

    Cordiais Saudações desde o Brasil.


    André Santos

  93. Maria Bell

    I have seen Prince Michael in a couple of royal documentaries on You Tube. He has a wicked sense of humour. Thank you for sharing this.

  94. Alan Korutos-Chatham de Bolivar

    Isak Dinesen would make a wonderful story of the King’s adventure. Love it !

  95. Dimitri Lostromos

    About the “traditional” medicine the “pharmaceuticals” are trying to suppress, does this include Tiger and Rhino parts?

  96. Mahira Afridi

    Regarding “Who is Big Money?”, it goes without saying that oftentimes powerful politicians are in cahoots with Big Money. One often observes politicians who enter into positions of power with no prior significant personal wealth somehow amass a fortune overnight. The questionably-obtained riches are then just as quickly whisked across borders and shrouded in ever-increasing veils of financial secrecy.

  97. Mahira Afridi Perese

    Thank you for this story about the beguiling Koh-i-Noor diamond. India was the ultimate “Jewel in the Crown” of the British Empire, and the magnificent Koh-i-Noor remains perhaps the ultimate symbol of that colonial relationship.

  98. Sandra Nomikos

    Like many others Prince Michael I love your intriguing stories.I would like to tell you my families
    ancestral story.You may or may not find it interesting We find it amazing however I do not want other people to see it If I were to write it on this site does it get published or should I write to you at the Monaco address.
    Regards to you Sandra N

    • Michel De Grèce

      It’s always a pleasure for me to read stories people want to share with me. You can write it here and I’ll make sure your comment won’t be published. Or you can also contact me via my Facebook page “Michael of Greece”.

  99. Ileana Makri

    It is indeed a very good piece describing an undeniable fact of our times. However in my opinion there is a reason that lead to this unfortunate situation and it is no other than uncontrolled capitalism.
    At a time when all values have been substituted by the one and only value of money why would somebody expect the politicians that are fully controlled by the major capitalist players to resist.
    As you said correctly the ones that try to resist cannot even achieve ten percent of their policy program.
    The rest are employees that follow orders and have no power or vision. Therefore unless capitalism redefines itself fast things will only get worse and it is very dangerous to have the masses discredit their leaders because that slowly will lead to global anarchy.


    Excellent text. I subscribe entirely. Thank You so much for sharing your thoughts and opinions!


    Excellent text that I fully subscribe. Thank You so much for sharing you thoughts and opinions.


    I love the Imperial Palaces in St Petersburg. I visited a few : Pavlovsk, Peterhof, Tsarskoe Selo, the Hermitage and Winter Palace. But Pavlovsk was one of my favourites.Lovely. Beautiful photos .Tank you so much for sharing.

  103. Paolo Emilio

    Thank you for sharing the diary and the interesting photos! The first is really a wonderful portrait…

  104. Daphne Economou

    Wonderful as always. I agree so much about the very rich being extremely boring and as a child I used to find their homes very depressing too. Paneling and obscure Dutch masters. Love Daphne

  105. Angelo Androulidakis

    Your Highness,
    Especially in Greece corruption has been the general rule since PASOK came to power in 1981. It is not limited to persons in high places but goes deep into everyday life and transactions.Corruption starts from the tavern owner who wines and dines the tax inspector and transcends all strata of society to Prime Ministers leading lives impossible to explain by their income or fortune.Moreover,corruption does not have any more the moral castgation of the many;the latter mainly hope to join the club and enjoy its benefits. The priblem cannot be resolved in a police manner. Only education still gives some hope…

  106. Hans Veit Toerring

    Who is the rather short gentleman, second from right in dark tails and black top hat on the last photo?

  107. Lois de Menil

    Michel, it is wonderful of you to share these rich and animated family stories and memories with us. I love reading them, and marvel at how complicated it must be to sort your enormously complex family roots across so many countries and so much history. As a European historian myself, I particularly appreciate seeing that history from a personal angle of vision. I wonder if you manage to trasmit this love of history to your children and grandchildren. It is so difficult these days when history is no longer taught in schools, or only very superficially. I was shocked when our youngest daughter passed her Bac that “history” had been limited to post-1945.

  108. Ludmila Habsburg

    Thank You , dear Michel , for your wonderful and interesting Stories ! I Love Reading them and am always excited for The next one to arrive !

  109. Ghislaine Graziani

    Merci de partager toutes vos photos avec nous: j’aime tant l’histoire et vous la faite vivre pour nous. Passionnant!

  110. IANKAL21

    Let me point out the exceptional photographs that illustrate your stories and interconnect in a magnificent abstract way with the text.

    P.S. Regent Paul of Yugoslavia was kept in house arrest in Kenya.

  111. Πέτρος Παπαπετρόπουλος

    Συμφωνώ απόλυτα μέ τίς απόψεις σας , τί λύση προτείνετε;

  112. John M Phufas

    This is a brilliant very personal summary of the state of the State that every citizen can relate to. Well done. The solutions are complex, but it will begin by the dismantling of the “client state” that you adeptly describe which everyone acknowledges is a problem in Greece, but is actually just as bad in the U. S. and in many European countries. As far as education is concerned, home schooling and charter schools are making great headway in the U. S. – the free market for education is part of the solution but public schools require radical reform to return to the quality of 40 years ago! Don’t get me started on public transportation. Let’s go back to regulating the airlines – deregulation is a failed experiment both for the public and the airlines.

  113. Chupacabras

    The Greeks should invite the Monarchy back then. They ve got to have more dignity and genuine concern for their people than the series of idiots Greece has suffered these last years.

  114. Helen-Eleni Gryparis

    Thank you for the very interesting and informative story. I guess we should all run back from time to time to our “Little Arthur’s” history book so we can remember or learn history facts!

  115. Leonardo Lacerda

    And all this for a fake! ? Its value is that: first, it has served well as a motive for a fascinating story and 2) it seems to be a stone that befits the crown of ‘la perfide Albion’ — so true to its French nickname these days…. Jokes apart, I loved the story! Pls continue sharing your jewel-stories with us, P M, as those we know are not ‘fakes’ and hold true value! Kindest regards and enjoy the Summer!

  116. M.Rhodes

    The global metality has corrupted all facets of society, not limited to the media and education. Though, in America, a Turk named Gulen has co-opted Charter Schools, 148, and has begun a mission of Muslim proselytizing. This in return for a massive contribuion to Hillary Clinton, via her Clinton Foundation, and going back to her role of a corrupt Firsy Lady. Gulen is wanted for radicalism in Turkey.
    Knowledge is power. Take back our world and our Christian principles!

    • Mahira Afridi Perese

      FYI M. Rhodes, Gulen is much reviled by secularists in Turkey too which is probably why he has been sitting in the US all these decades.

  117. Cc

    Next stop for those in charge the Internet. We need to protect free speech which has been destroyed by the PC Police Types!

  118. Michael Crawcour

    This is a fascinating story, and could make a wonderful historical novel. It’s blood-soaked origins and bad karma have not, thank God, caused the same evil luck on the last six sovereigns of my country.

  119. Mahira Afridi Perese

    This problem of a weak media is no more apparent today than in Turkey where you have journalists being jailed and ISIS militants remaining free.


    Adorable story.Not so surprising for me , with my Mac-Mahon very strong blood….Thank You so much, for sharing.

  121. IANKAL21

    The site of the Pan-Athenaic (all-Athens) Stadium (2nd century B.C.), was excavated indeed at the initiative of King George I to reveal only its matrix, as the marble have been calcified.
    The Stadium was re-marbled in Pendelic marble, by the sole donation of George Averoff a Greek billionaire of Alexandria.
    The first modern games were hosted in 1896 attended by the then Prince & Princess of Wales.
    In 1906 games of a Meso (between-two) Olympiad took place in the same venue, also attended by Edward VII and Alexandra, this time as a King and Queen.

  122. Mr Eunan O'Donnell

    Your Royal Highness,

    Thank you for bringing to the world the wonderful chronicle in sepia photographs of your family’s history.

    Your website is magnificent.

    In gratitude,
    Eunan O’Donnell

  123. Sandra

    Dear Prince Michael
    I love to read about the Royals of Europe and all your recollections on History. When we were children the only gifts we ever received were books and we loved them, but times have changed with the introduction of computers now children spend their time either on social media {as I do] or playing games, I love my books and never have enough time to read.
    I am going to write a book on my life to leave my sons. My siblings and I have had such an interesting but ordinary life, one of my sisters has been researching our family Ancestry [over the past 20 years]which is amazing,You and all the Royals of Europe are on our tree with so many other incredible people.The connection is through {1] man on one line If we could just find the name of his daughter We are also connected through [2] other Great Aunts of my mother or Sisters of my Gr Gr Grandfather.My Grandfather changed his destiny by coming to Australia in the 1800’s but if he hadn’t we would not be here.This is all only of interest to my[5 siblings] and I but will write to you at the address given.It may be of interest to you It may not
    Regards Sandra

  124. Colleen Christine

    Well said! I noticed when my children were at school that history as a field of study had lost it’s importance. They were taught bits and pieces, and had no understanding of the long term results of the isolated events they studied. I had to teach them myself the things I thought important. We are about to learn in the world today, the truth of the saying that those that forget their history are bound to repeat it.

  125. Alexandra of Greece

    Cou cou Papa,
    C’est passionant cet article, peu etre tu l’as écrit après les gaffes a dinner de Tigran et moi. Nous méritons ceci en tous cas.
    Juste pour que tu saches il y a 1 fautes de frappes et une faute d’orthographe dans cet article.
    SVP email moi pour me dire si tu as reçu cet email ci.

  126. Alan Korutos-Chatham de Bolivar

    Dear Sir

    “Keeping up appearances” is very well chosen as a title considering tha attitudes of the princesses, never varying in their dislike, hatred of the Regime, great , admirable ladies,
    Thank for sharing these telling pictures….
    Yours Sincerely;
    Alan Korutos-Chatham de B

  127. Lea Ann McDonald

    Sobering reality. Very well writtem, from a compassionate and global perspective. Be well

  128. Laurent

    Very interesting pictures indeed. Not only from the historical point, but also as pure photography (noticeably the first one, with Mussolini and the heir of the italaian throne)
    You systematically point out the mutual dislikes of the characters, which is quite fun. I guess eveybody was destabilized at the time and the nobility, not knowing their real status anymore, had to maintain a apparent harmony.
    Thanks for sharing

  129. Laurent

    I’m afraid the loss of depth of History is an open gate to pupulism and all the darkness that goes with it.
    To think that twenty years ago we hoped the internet would provide knowledge to everyone… Alas, it seems to have led to instant gratification of the mind, meaning rumours and conspiracy theories, simplification, loss of fact-checking rule the main roads.

  130. Ghislaine Graziani

    I too have faith in man, but first we must make a gigantic effort to adjust our way of life!


    Amazing photos of such incredible ancestors. Thank you so much for sharing and telling their stories.


    Fascinating photos that tell so much about European History around the Second World War. Very happy to see my Dear Queen Amelie of Portugal, to whom I am related , whose figure I admire so much!

  133. Ananda Massoubre

    Thank you for your great stories and inspiring insights. I cannot but agree with you when it come to our contemporary society being so driven and controlled by money alone. It is so very sad. I hope and pray that your wise words will be heard and that the world will change for the better.

  134. Dolla Nomikos

    How very true ,and well said. ,how many though
    feel” secure” without all that …..?????

  135. Marie Jose Pagliai

    It is a great pleasure to hear from you, my Dear Friend, in such an inspiring way. You make us reflect.
    Am I also that way?

  136. Pascal HERVE

    Ces précisions sont très intéressantes mais je n’oublierai pas que le roi d’ Italie et sa famille n’eurent guère de compassion pour le plus “royal” et le plus intelligent des souverains de leur époque : l’Empereur d’Ethiopie Hailé Sélassié .
    J’avoue que j’ai pour sa personne et sa mémoire le plus profond respect et même de la vénération.
    Aussi ne prenez pas ce commentaire en mauvaise part.
    J’apprécie énormément le ton si différend de votre blog et le talent de ceux qui illustrent vos articles.

  137. Ana Sacadura Botte Bramão , Vicoumtess of S.Bartolomeu de Messines

    Very troubled and sad times for the European Royal Families!

  138. Philippe PRIOL

    Good evening,

    Those historical events through the familial side are so much interesting ! they were all actors of the
    “big” Story which was happening ! we forget very often how bound were the different royal families !
    most of them occupied a central place in the war’s strategy ! I love very much your family’s pictures which are for most of them unknown ! Sincerely yours Philippe PRIOL, Writer and Poet.

  139. Paul de Nowina Konopka


    It is a very sad story you are telling; please continue to share it with us, because we do live similar things, in the former communist Europe…. perhaps we can become wiser and act more cautious. Who knows?

  140. Daniel Swanepoel

    Your Royal Highness’ post is appreciated. I found it very straight forward and poignant. I also believe that much of its fundamental content is true and much needed to be said. Thank for your sincerity and boldness in speaking out.


    You are so right, Prince. I feel it the same way, and I had this cultural shock in Pakistan when I was Ambassadress of my country , early nineties, and became close friend of late Mrs Benazir Bhutto,attending Parliament sessions each time she intervened as leader of the opposition and also when I could meet some Princesses and a Prince from the Royal Family of Afghanistan.Talking with them anf facing the daily local reality convinced me of the worst dangers that were to come and that our Christian Civilization had to face , and for that our world was not prepared!!! So we live now in a tremendous anxiety facing the incapacity of the west leadership!

  142. Jim Renes

    All the postings and photographs are very interesting. One often wonders what were the fates of various European royal families during and after WWII. I lived and worked near Darmstadt, Germany for a period of time. It was always interesting to catch a glimpse of 20th &21st Century German royalty going about their daily lives near their estate at “Wolfsgarten.”

  143. Reuben Bodi

    But even as pixels replace print, and as newspapers undergo wrenching surgery, necessitating deep cutbacks, reallocation of remaining reporters, and the slashing of decades-old overhead, some observers remain optimistic.


    Splendid photos. Loved the one of my King Carlos I de Bragança.
    Interesting the one with the Infanta Eulalia and the sign she is doing…
    Special the one of the French Royal Family in Scotland , and beautiful the one of the young Visconti, that are my relatives.
    Thank You so much for sharing these private albuns, Prince.

  145. P H

    Merci pour cet article d’une grande justesse de ton.
    Mais entre les attraits de l’Islam humaniste que vous avez connu et les rigueurs judiciaires de l’Eglise Catholique Romaine je ne vous apprendrai pas qu’existent la justesse et la chaleur des Eglises d’Orient.
    Je suis pharmacien , reçu dans l’Orthodoxie depuis quelques années et je vous assure que je ne renoncerai pas à la croix grecque !
    La consultation de votre “blog” est un moment de paix et de vraie réflexion .
    De par votre lignage vous avez beaucoup reçu , merci de nous faire partager une partie de votre savoir et de vos réflexions.

  146. Ana de Sacadura Botte Bramão

    Indeed,Prince. Brilliant article,a condensation of your thaughts. Indeed we live in an incredible paradox!

  147. Ghislaine Graziani

    I agree with you, hélas !
    Thank you for your ideas and old photographs always so interesting.


    I’m deeply touched by Your article today.
    They are my favourite Portuguese Royals and my family ( both my mother and father sides) was in great connection with them and belonged to the small group of gentry families that usually helped and financed the royal Charities during the reigns of both Kings : D.Luis I and his son D.Carlos I.
    Maria Pia came to Portugal ,15 years old to marry King D.Luis, ater having lost her mother when she was only nine.
    During the Second World War my mother, then quite young, used to go riding to the horse ring that belonged to Queen D.Amélia before, at the Royal Palácio da Necessidades in Lisbon, and she saw in some windows of the Palace :” Non mi piace Luigi”, traced on glass by Maria Pia , surely with some diamonds…That she never forgot and so se told me , since I was a young girl.
    Thank You so much YRH for you kindness of sharing these wonderful stories .

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    Recently, I discovered that Prince George was author of a book called “The Cretan Drama”, in which he described and commented on the events that took place while he was High Commissioner of Crete, but I have been unable to find a copy in print. Are you familiar with this book Sir?
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    Suzanna Kalerandes

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    I just felt like I couldn’t help send you this, well aware that you of course know these facts already. But I find the tale of the last generations of the Austro-Hungarian Habsburgs a very fascinating story. A mad family that brought the world its first world war, that changed everything that used to be.
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  212. Michael

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