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The Decline of the Media and the News

Big Money, the weakness of politicians, and the failure of education has led to a decline in the general quality of the media, both in the culture it promotes and most significantly in its coverage. Big Money either owns the media directly, or influences it indirectly, bending the media to its will, through advertising. Today, when I watch the news and read the papers, I am seized by a profound boredom. I can see clearly the change. The media is no longer independent, they are taking orders, directives, and predetermined position. It is the same almost everywhere.

Big Money dominates politics, politics dominates the news, the news dominates the public with its rigidity and partiality.

The public is beginning to catch on, and their views on the media are changing. Yet a great majority, unfortunately, still fail to see or to care. They continue to follow blindly what they are told.


Fortunately, there is the Internet, where independent journalists and blogs are working to lift the veil, to present a more complete and honest picture behind the events that shape our world.

by  Prince Michael of Greece

7 comments on “The Decline of the Media and the News

  1. M.Rhodes

    The global metality has corrupted all facets of society, not limited to the media and education. Though, in America, a Turk named Gulen has co-opted Charter Schools, 148, and has begun a mission of Muslim proselytizing. This in return for a massive contribuion to Hillary Clinton, via her Clinton Foundation, and going back to her role of a corrupt Firsy Lady. Gulen is wanted for radicalism in Turkey.
    Knowledge is power. Take back our world and our Christian principles!

    • Mahira Afridi Perese

      FYI M. Rhodes, Gulen is much reviled by secularists in Turkey too which is probably why he has been sitting in the US all these decades.

  2. Cc

    Next stop for those in charge the Internet. We need to protect free speech which has been destroyed by the PC Police Types!

  3. Mahira Afridi Perese

    This problem of a weak media is no more apparent today than in Turkey where you have journalists being jailed and ISIS militants remaining free.

  4. Reuben Bodi

    But even as pixels replace print, and as newspapers undergo wrenching surgery, necessitating deep cutbacks, reallocation of remaining reporters, and the slashing of decades-old overhead, some observers remain optimistic.

  5. Pascal

    Beaucoup de gens interviennent sur des forums internet pour donner leur avis et moi même n’y ait pas souvent résisté .
    Que de temps gâché de ma part !
    La plupart des choses que j’ai écrites ou que j’aurais voulu le faire se trouvent dans vos articles qui ont quelque chose de la concision des Haïkus japonais alliée à la légitimité de l’observation directe et personnelle .

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