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World War II

In the meantime, and as expected, Italy attacked Greece. The Second World War began and would last five years, during which time countless inconceivable disruptions and upheavals would occur. I was too young to remember the war, except for the large maps at home on which my aunt Isabelle would mark the movements of the…

Greek Overture

I’m in Patmos. I’m sitting in my oratory. My oratory, the name I’ve given to the small chapel a few minutes from my house. Maria, my cook, cleans and maintains the chapel. She keeps the key, and so I have the key, I have access. The foundation is old, it must date to late antiquity….


Saturday, November 14, 2015. Paris, 8am. The morning after the attacks in Paris.   Love is spontaneity. Love is a desire. Love is universal. It concerns everyone and everything. This morning, after the horrors of the night in Paris, let love be felt by: – The victims and their friends and families, the grieving, the…


When the Orient arrived at the gates of Rome, it brought with it a rather discrete deity. This god was born to a virgin on the 25th of December. He was frequently represented as an infant, seated upon the knee of his mother before a group of kneeling wise kings who offered gifts. He was…