Decline of Democracy

The omnipotence of Big Money and the consequences of its rule have led to a noticeable decline in democracy.

Of course we still have elections. Of course presidents and parliaments are still freely elected. But these governments, despite their weakness, or perhaps because of it, govern more and more by decrees and edicts that affect entire nations.


The State, stemming from what I call the dictatorship of anonymous bureaucracy, limits the individual. At every step, arbitrary decisions are the order of the day. Political imperatives of unbelievable partiality, following the lead of certain presumed intellectuals, suppress the free expression of the citizens. Countless are those who see their opinions fading from political discourse, whose will and desires are no longer taken into consideration, much less realized or fulfilled.

It is a subtle and progressive trend, at times it is difficult to see and be aware of it. It doesn’t appear in the media and so it is neither decried nor criticized, and that is the danger. The citizens, without knowing it, are being molded into a uniformity of belief and in the process they are losing their liberty.

by  Prince Michael of Greece