Family Portrait, XI

The House of Orléans in England, their place of exile. Fom left to right, standing, unknown, the Duke of Aumale, Prince Henry of Orléans, the Princess of Joinville, Princess Marguerite of Orléans, my grandfather Prince Jean of Orléans, the Prince of Joinville, and the Count of Paris. Seated, unknown, unknown, the Countess of Paris with her arms crossed, the Duchess of Montpensier, Princess Marie of Orléans, and the Duke of Montpensier.



Maria of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Countess of Barcelona, was the mother of King Juan Carlos. She is pictured wearing a fleur-de-lys styled diadem, which she inherited from her mother-in-law, Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain.



The Countess of Paris with King Umberto of Italy during a marriage in Portugal, the land of refuge for many dethroned royals.



The wedding of Princess Margarita of Bade and Prince Tomislav of Yugoslavia, at Schloss Salem. The bride is seated next to her new mother-in-law, Queen Marie of Yugoslavia. Seated beside their feet is Prince Andre of Hohenlohe. Standing, in the first row, King Umberto of Italy, the Countess of Paris, the Margravine of Bade, née Theodora of Greece, King Pierre II of Yugoslavia, the Grand Duchess Kira of Russia, Princess Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, and the groom, Tomislav of Yugoslavia. In the second row, King Simeon of Bulgaria, Alexander of Yugoslavia, Isabelle of France, the Prince of Hohenzollern Sigmaringen, unknown woman, and at the extreme, Frederica of Greece and the Margrave of Bade. In the third row, ­­in the middle, Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh, to his side is the Countess of Mountbatten, next to her is Princess Alexandra of Kent. Behind Alexandra are Lord Mountbatten and the Prince of Hanover, Ernst August. Behind Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh is Princess Marie Louise of Bulgaria, wearing a white hat. Behind Isabelle of France is the Duke of Wurttemberg and his daughter, Marie Therese, the future Countess of Clermont, in a white hat with her face turned.



A picture of myself, and Mathias, during World War II in Larache, Spanish Morocco. Mathias was my grandmother’s chauffeur; he would bring me in this old American car to go on walks in the countryside. From the looks of it, I don’t imagine I was won over by these expeditions.



by  Prince Michael of Greece