Family photo from spain

Family portraits from Spain

Photo dedicated to my grandmother the Duchess de Guise by young king Alfonso XIII

He is not handsome, but he is irresistibly seductive. The truth is: few ladies could resist him. Distinguished, elegant, an admirable equestrian, courteous: he was a grand nobleman, right to his fingertips. Alas, he was less brilliant politically, which would bring about his downfall.

Rome 1938 – Baptism of Prince Juan Carlos future King of Spain

Leaving the church, the baby carried by a nun next to his parents, the Countess and Count of Barcelona.
Since the fall of Alfonso XIII in 1931, the royal family lived in exile. No one could have predicted the prodigious destiny of this baby.


The Queen Victoria Eugenia and her two daughters the Infantas Beatriz and Cristina on the balcony of the Royal Palace of Madrid before an official ceremony.
The Queen is wearing a very rare little diamond crown that has since disappeared.


by  Prince Michael of Greece