Fascist Italy 4

In Morocco, where the Duke and Duchess of Guise lived during the war. Pictured is their son Henry, the future Count of Paris, and his Cousin, Amedeo, the future Duke of Aosta.



Amedeo of Savoy, the Duke of Aosta, was a committed athlete. He is pictured here in a bathing suit in front of his home, the famous Miramare Castle near Trieste.



Helen of France, the Duchess of Aosta, was devoted to service work during World War I. She organized military hospitals, running between the fronts. Here, she is pictured with one of the head nurses.



A rather rare and unexpected meeting between Mare-José of Belgium, the Princess of Piedmont and her distant cousin Helen of Greece, the Queen of Romania. The Queen would live through countless adventures during World War II before her throne, and that of her son, King Michael, was overthrown by the communists.



In 1938 Aimone of Savoy, the Duke of Spoleto married Princess Irene of Greece in Florence. One was the first cousin of my mother, the other was my first cousin. Pictured here are my parents, Christopher and Françoise, leaving the cathedral of Florence, the site of the nuptials.



The lunch following the wedding of Irene of Greece and Aimone, the Duke of Spoleto. From right to left: King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy, the bride, the groom, his mother Helen of France, and the Prince of Piedmont, the future King Umberto.



The wedding of Irene of Greece and Aimone, the Duke of Spoleto. Pictured here is the singing of the marriage act, King Victor Emmanuel is giving his signature, the newlyweds wait to do the same.



Helen of France, the Duchess of Aosta, with my mother Françoise, on the balcony of the Capodimonte Palace, the residence of the duchess. The aunt and niece had not seen each other since the war. Returning to Italy where she had lived for ten years, my mother went to Naples for this meeting, which proved to be tiresome and dramatic.

by  Prince Michael of Greece