Footsteps in the Snow

The Fredensborg Palace has been the preferred residence of Danish Royalty for generations. It is neither the grandest nor the most sumptuous royal home, but it is the most beautiful and the most comfortable. It is also the most inhabited. The home is surrounded by a vast romantic park that extends all the way to the sea. It was there that King Christian X, the grandfather of the current Queen Margaret II, loved to take his daily walks, regardless of the weather. One day, towards the end of winter, he was walking through a field in front of the palace that has a grand view of the countryside. The ground was covered with snow. Suddenly, the king realized that there was an additional set of footprints next to his. A ghost was following him. He stopped, more intrigued than afraid. The footprints stopped too. He began walking again and once more the footprints appeared beside his own. The king decided to let things be and allowed the ghost to follow him back to the entrance of the palace. Neither King Christian X nor anybody else knew the identity of the ghost, or the reason the ghost had followed the king on his daily walk.

by  Prince Michael of Greece