Lady Huntington was becoming annoyed. It was the 19th century, and this commanding woman owned one of the most famous homes in Ireland. As was the custom of the time, she received the local parish priest for lunch each and every Sunday. Now, on each occasion, the priest insisted upon talking about the ghost who followed him on his weekly trek from the church to the chateau. He gave all the details. The ghost appears between the tree trunks as he enters the park, and accompanies the priest through the woods until the great lawn that spreads out before the stately manor. But who is this unknown apparition? Where does he come from? Why does he manifest himself to the local priest? Lady Huntington had had quite enough. She was already dealing with enough as things were, her home was nearly overrun with ghosts, all identified and noted. This unfamiliar nobody simply didn’t belong amongst the legends that date back centuries here at Huntington.

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But the priest insisted on speaking about it. And so Lady Huntington decided to play a little trick on the priest. She instructed one of her nephews to disguise himself as the ghost. He was to wait at the appropriate place that coming Sunday, and follow the priest, just as he had described. The young boy was only too delighted to go along with the plan. How he disguised himself we simply do not know, but it probably followed whatever details the priest had given about the dress of his traveling companion. When the priest entered the park, the boy appeared from the trees and accompanied the priest until he reached the edge of the great grass lawn. The priest did not appear the least bit impressed. When he entered he salon, Lady Huntington called out to him, “So Father… and that ghost?”

“Lady Huntington”, the priest interrupted, “You’re not going to believe it. Today there were not one but two ghosts.”

by  Prince Michael of Greece