Morocco, the country of my youth. I lived there with my maternal family during World War II. I returned frequently over the years until the death of my much beloved grandmother, who lived in the small city of Larache, in the north of the country. A few years ago, I traveled to the south of Morocco, a place I had visited decades before. The memories came rushing back to me, despite the influence of tourism, which had taken its toll. Still, all the splendor of the sites remained.


CoverThrough the intricate grating, we see the casbah of Aït Benhaddou, one of the many marvelous urban areas in the extreme south of Morocco.


Cover2From the window of the Jamaï Palace, the most beautiful hotel in Fez, we see the panorama of the ancient capital of Morocco, truly the countries most venerable city.

 P1010650Tamnougalt, one of the many casbahs of the Moroccan desert.


P1010962Meknes is one of the oldest cities in Morocco, and home to many secular monuments, such as this tomb.


P1060554The madrassa of Ben Youssef is one of the many marvels of Marrakesh, and home to many treasures, right in the tourist epicenter of the county.


P1060578The souk of Marrakesh, half tourist boutiques and half authentic traders with their goods.


P1060619The casbah of Aït Benhaddou.


P1060645The casbah of Taurit.


P1060663The stunning casbah of Ben Maro, which brings to mind the fortified castles of the Middle Ages. It was cleverly transformed into a hotel by an enterprising Spanish couple.


P1060692We met this charming young girl in the casbah of Tamnougalt.


P1060602To the south of Marrakesh runs the imposing Atlas mountain range. The road winds through the Tizi n’Tichka pass to the desert.


P1010645We were crossing the mountains on our way to the desert when we came across a splendid palm grove in the valley of Dra.


P1060681In the valley of Dra, we came across this man and his child, walking through the desert, far from any city.


P1010730Eventually the southern most roads end, with nothing but desert lying ahead. Yet in the desert, at a place called M’hanid, we found a splendid picnic awaiting us.


P1060778From M’hanid we see Algeria in the distance.


P1060727Inspiration was everywhere: the camels, the Tuaregs, the enthusiastic servers, and the delightful picnic.


P1060863The madrassa of Bou Inania.


P1060970The famous gateway of Meknes, built as an immense palace by Sultan Moulay Ismaël in the 17th century. The Sultan dreamed of marrying the daugher of Louis XIV.

by  Prince Michael of Greece