King Carlos and Queen Amelie during a procession, probably in celebration of Corpus Christi.

Portugal is deeply Catholic. While Queen Amelie was profoundly pious, King Carlos was less so, and didn’t hesitate to sin with a number of women.


King Carlos I and Queen Amelie of Portugal in a carriage.

One day, after arriving in Lisbon, the royal couple took a carriage with their two sons. While crossing the Praça do Comércio, an assassin climbed on the carriage and killed the king and his eldest son.


Queen Amelie on the bridge of her yacht, anchored on the Guadalquivir in Seville.

The Queen was almost certainly visiting her mother, the Countess of Paris, at her property, Villamanrique, located in the Andalusian plain.


King Manuel II on the throne, before members of Parliament.

He was crowned at a young age, following the assassination of his father and elder brother. Full of many admirable qualities and good intentions, his honesty and profound patriotism were no match for the republican currents sweeping through the country which soon overthrew the monarchy.


Marriage in exile of King Manuel II.

While exiled in England, the last King of Portugal married Princess Victoria of Hohenzollern Sigmaringen. In the photo, from left to right, the Prince of Whale in a bicorn hat, Philibert Emmanuel the Duke of Aosta, the Grand Duchess of Baden, the only daughter of Emperor William I of Germany, Queen Amelie of Portugal with the newlyweds, standing behind them her sister, Helen the Duchess of Aosta, followed by princes of Prussia, Bourbon Two Sicilies, Saxe, and Prince Albert of Great Britain, the future King George VI.

by  Prince Michael of Greece