Technology and the Internet

With the introduction of the Internet in the lives of citizens, there are near infinite new possibilities, a proliferation of new perspectives. Yet there is also solitude.

Systems of communication, such as social networks like Facebook and Instagram, and blogs, are manifestations of exacerbated narcissism.

In the same way money is no longer real, humans too are becoming virtual, avatars. Solidarity and human warmth have given way. We no longer have dialogues, but rather a confusion of monologues. Contact increase, to be sure, it expands without end, but it is cold and lifeless. Friendship, love, and sex over the Internet are but cheap imitations, even if they lead to concrete and sustained relationships. Man is more and more alone in these difficult and trying times of our present, when union, cohesion, and coming together are most needed.

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Man at his computer connects with the whole world, and yet he remains alone.

However, the Internet has a potential that cannot be fully evaluated, and will radically change the existence of everyone.

The Internet, with its dangers and faults, is at the service of everyone for everything, something truly novel in History. The creation of the Internet may be humanity’s most sensational achievement.

Faced with the constant negatives of our time, technology and science make stupefying discoveries and inconceivable progress, which transform the existence of man, who makes use of these ever increasing and expanding means. The unknown is being further pushed back. The light of knowledge progresses with incredible speed. Quantum physics, for example, makes advances faster than they can be understood or controlled. We discover before we are capable of understanding what we have discovered.

Our present time combines, like never before in the past, a disquieting obscurity with a most promising light.

by  Prince Michael of Greece