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The dog and the British airways

During the 70’s, there was an Anglo-Saxon millionaire who split her time between London and New York. She was British Airways best client, the company coddled and pampered her to no end. One day, she called the airline and requested that they transport her dog, a tiny Pekinese, from London to New York.  She then scheduled a flight for herself for two days later.

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Employees soon arrived at her home and retrieved a small box pierced with breathing holes. They handled it as if it were a holy relic and gently loaded it into the plane. The box arrived safely in New York where it was received by the customs officers. They opened the box. To their horror, they found a dead dog. The airline officials were terrified; they had just lost their best client. They took polaroids of the lifeless dog and sent their employees to search every pet store in the city for a match. After a few hours they found the dopplegänger.

They put the new dog in the old box and handed it triumphantly to the lady upon her arrival in New York the following day. The woman opened the box and the small Pekinese sprung out, jumping at her neck and licking her face. They woman had a heart attack and fell dead on the spot.

In truth, the much loved Pekinese had died in London. The lady was scared that the airline would refuse to ship a dead dog, so she neglected to mention this to the company. One can imagine her reaction upon opening dear Toto’s coffin, finding him as alive as ever and jumping into her arms.


by  Prince Michael of Greece