plalais presidentiel-Equateur-Ministre Ivrogne_Michael Of Greece_ Chronicles- The Drunk Minister


He was a Secretary of State for the Foreign Affairs in the United Kingdoms. He was one of the most brilliant ministers, one of the most skilled, one of the most efficient, one of the most reliable, but also, out of all the government, the one most prone to drinking. It was because of this weakness that he never became Prime Minister, when all his qualities should have seen him appointed.
He’s a minister, he’s drinking more than ever and he’s on official state visit to Equator. There’s a grand dinner at the presidential palace with all the national authorities. The minister is bored to tears and is drinking honestly more than is reasonable. He discreetly eyes the creature wearing a long red dress sitting next to him. He can barely see anything, his eyesight clouded by alcohol. The service is endless, the speeches even worst.
Finally a bit of music, a waltz. The minister springs up, leans over to invite the creature in red to waltz with him. Answers the creature: “It’s going to be a no for three reasons. First, you are completely drunk; second, this is not a waltz, it is the national anthem of Ecuador; third, I am not a woman, I am the Cardinal Archbishop of Quito”.


by  Prince Michael of Greece