In order to reach Paradise, a deceased Indian must be burned on a log on the Ghats, and his/her ashes be thrown into the Ganges. The cadaver can also be thrown into the sacred river.

Many decades ago, the Indian government had some trouble with this practice. It greatly harmed the tourism industry. In fact, foreign travellers who came to visit Varanasi and who passed by on barks on the Ganges did not want to see cadavers floating around them. But what could be done about it?

Specialists looked for a solution and found one. There existed a species of cannibal water turtles in the Caribbean.

The Indian government underwent the enormous expense of buying and importing several thousands of these turtles which would then be let loose in the Ganges, their task being to devour all the cadavers floating in its waters as quickly as possible.

Alas, in less than fifteen days, the inhabitants of Varanasi had eaten the 15,000 turtles.

by  Prince Michael of Greece