Infant Alfonso of Orleans and his wife princess Beatrice of Great Britain, uncle Ali, aunt Bee. He belongs to the Spanish branch of the Orleans family; he was an exceptionally gifted pilot, original, always unexpected, adored by his nephews and nieces, including me. She was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria, a famous beauty like her sisters Queen Mary of Rumania and the grand-duchess Kirill of Russia. She never recovered from the early death of one of her sons.

Alfonso XIII King of Spain. He was born king because when his father Alfonso XII died, his mother was expecting. Until he was born, no one knew who would succeed. If it was a boy, it would be him, otherwise it will be his elder sister. It was a boy. He is represented here with his nanny.

Victoria Eugenia of Battenbnerg Queen of Spai, aunt Ena. She married Alfonso XIII. Again it was an unhappy marriage and as soon as the monarchy felt and he was sent in exile, they started separated lives. She was tall, beautiful, with a regal appearance. I’ve never seen but in this photography the small diamond crown that she is wearing on top of the tiara. She is obviously dressed for an official function in the Royal Palace of Madrid.

King Alfonso XIII of Spain with two of his sons. A kind of curse hit Alfonso descendants. Through their mother, two sons inherited the bad blood of Queen Victoria and were haemophiliac dying still young. The third one was deaf and mute, so it was the fourth son Juan of Bourbon count of Barcelona who inherited the rights of the King his father.

Infanta Eulalie of Spain duchess of Galliera. This daughter of Queen Isabella II of Spain married the duke of Galliera. It was an unhappy marriage. From the beginning, they had a reciprocal aversion one for the other. She also was rather free in her morals and had series of lovers, taking revenge of her husband misconduct.

Antoine of Orleans, duke of Galliera. He was the son of Antoine duke of Montpensier son himself of Louis-Philippe and infanta Maria Louisa Fernanda. He founded the Spanish branch of the Orleans. Not very intelligent, his private life was rather agitated. He lived openly with his mistress for years and managed to lose all his fortune.

Maria Christina archduchess of Austria Queen of Spain, aunt Christa. She married Alfonso XII and after his premature death became regent for her son Alfonso XIII. Energetic, courageous, determined, she fought like a lioness to keep her son throne and Spain above the stormy ocean of crisis and dangers. One can see clearly that this photo has been arranged, retouched, especially on the Queen’s waist which is far more thin than in real.

Louise of France, princess Charles of Bourbon Sicily, infanta of Spain. The sister of my grand-mother, the duchesse of Guise married the widower of the crown princess of Spain; hence his or her title of infanta of Spain. She is the grandmother of King Juan Carlos of Spain. The tiara that she is wearing had recently been sold at auction.


by  Prince Michael of Greece