Beresford New york


The Beresford is one of the most magnificent buildings in New York City on Central Park West. That is where we settled when we arrived from Europe: in a large apartment with spacious, high-ceilinged rooms. It was light-filled, with a splendid view of the park.

Marina, myself, and our two daughters were very happy there. I shall always remember the four of us waking up for the first time and admiring the city spread at our feet from our bed.

And yet, it was not long before we could feel a presence, especially in the study: a very powerful and very sad presence. Later on, I would learn that while the ladies of our house were not as sensitive to ghosts as I was, nor bothered by them, it was uncomfortable for them to go by the office. They would never linger.

By mutual agreement, the four of us decided to move house. We went to a new apartment on the other side of the park, Central Park East on Park Avenue: a most pleasant triplex.

On the first evening we spent in our new loggings, the four of us were sitting around the table and our Beresford apartment came up in conversation. Marina admitted, as did my daughters, that she had repeatedly felt a presence there, especially in the office; it was this feeling that had prompted them to want to move.

So, I looked into it. I discovered that a previous owner of our Beresford apartment had hung himself in that office in 1930. This very rich man had lost his entire fortune in the 1929 Wall Street Crash.

Most of those sumptuous Central Park West apartments were indeed built during that era and purchased by wealthy people, most of whom lost everything in the famous Crash. Ghosts abound in one of those buildings in particular, the most haunted one in New York in my opinion: The Dakota Building. It is situated right on Central Park West, which is a highly sought after location for the wealthy due to its beautiful architecture and the splendor of its apartments, and yet nothing could ever convince me to live there.

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